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Indulge in These Top Local Offerings When Staying in Oceanfront Hotels in Daytona Beach

The best way to experience Daytona Beach is, well, on the beach. Staying in an oceanfront hotel means you’re so close to the sun and sand that you can hear waves crashing on the shore from your bed. That’s what dream vacations are made of!

But you can’t spend your whole trip planted in the sand, right? Well, maybe some of us can, but for those who are looking to take in all that this sun-soaked destination has to offer, we’ve created this guide to the can’t-miss spots when staying in oceanfront hotels in Daytona Beach. Enjoy!

Check Out Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

Exploring a historical lighthouse is standard practice for shoreline vacations, so you’d be remiss to ignore the incredible Ponce Inlet Lighthouse that’s right down the road from Daytona Beach. Not only can you climb to the top of the lighthouse for a breathtaking view of the Atlantic, but you can head over to Lighthouse Point Park right afterward for a full day’s worth of natural beauty.

Explore the Sunglow Fishing Pier

Another tried-and-true staple of a vacation in the sand and sun is the fishing pier. If you’d like to take part in this tradition on your trip to Daytona Beach, then check out Sunglow Fishing Pier. You can take in the ocean views, rent your own fishing gear, or grab breakfast at Crabby Joe’s and watch the sun come up.

Rent Some Toys at Daytona Fun Rentals

You can take in a lot of Daytona Beach on foot if you’d like, but there are definitely some cooler ways to get around. Daytona Fun Rentals offers everything from bikes to canoes to kayaks to jet skis to paddle boards and more. They’ll even deliver your bike to your oceanfront hotel. And if you’re really looking for a fun way to cover as much ground as possible, they offer scooters and luxury golf carts.

Get Creative with Your Daytona Beach Hotels

If you’ve decided that you want to stay on the shoreline, but you’ve yet to settle on any particular arrangements, consider thinking outside the box. There are plenty of big, corporate, oceanfront hotels in Daytona Beach dotting the shore, and while they surely offer a great experience, they’re not necessarily all that charming or unique. If you’re the type of person who seeks a one-of-a-kind experience on your hard-earned vacations, look into some of the historic inns and free-standing cottages that serve as exquisite Daytona Beach hotels – like Shoreline and Cabana’s suites and cottages across two oceanfront acres.

Walk Along Historic Daytona Beach Boardwalk

Who doesn’t love a leisurely little stroll down a beautifully lit boardwalk on a warm evening? Daytona Boardwalk and Pier has been around since 1938. It’s absolutely loaded with fun things to do, particularly if you’re bringing your family along with you. There’s a Ferris wheel, go-karts, arcade games, shopping, snack bars, restaurants, and more. It’s a ton of fun regardless of when you stop by, but we highly recommend going after sunset to take in the real boardwalk ambiance.

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