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Tips For Traveling on a Budget

Taking a vacation doesn’t always need to be expensive. Here are a few tips for a budget-friendly trip to Daytona Beach!


Airline Tickets

Airline tickets are one of the biggest expenses while traveling. Some ways to cut the costs are to purchase your tickets two months in advance. Most airlines raise their rates the closer to the trip, so try to plan your vacations accordingly. Flying in the middle of the week (like Tuesday-Thursday) is typically less expensive than flights near the weekend. You can also try traveling during the off-season. Accommodations and attractions are usually more expensive during peak tourist times. Believe it or not, summer is the most budget-friendly season when traveling to Daytona Beach!


Pack Like a Professional

Having a lighter suitcase is much easier to travel with and saves you money on unnecessary baggage fees. Checking bags at most airlines cost an extra fee, so to avoid this just pack what you need and try to keep it carry-on size. Packing early reduces some stress with traveling, and can give you time to roll your clothes (not fold) to save space. Traveling comfy is a must and wearing your heavier layers on the plane can save lots of room in your suitcase!


Take Advantage of Free Attractions

One of the best ways to save money while traveling is to search for free activities or events where you are heading. Luckily, Daytona Beach has 23 miles of white sand beaches that you can enjoy, beautiful parks and gardens, and even free museums! Click here to see all the fun activities you can do while still maintaining your budget!


Don’t Eat All Your Money

Cooking your own meals is a great way to cut down on your costs. Dining out is part of the experience, but can get pricey especially when feeding a lot of people. Daytona Beach has lots of cool farmer's markets and different grocery stores where you can find fresh produce to make, right in the comfort of your own hotel! Most of our rooms have fully-equipped kitchens, making it easy to prepare your own food and save money!

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